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Hospice and Humane Euthanasia

We understand the bond that you share with your companion, be it a dog, cat or horse. They have been a big part of your life and knowing that they are declining in health can be a very difficult time. We understand the struggles of managing chronic illnesses from cancer to Cushing's Disease to heart conditions. The doctors at Riverside Animal Hospital will help you make your pet's time at home after a diagnosis of a chronic illness or cancer be the best that it can be. We will take the time to address any concerns that you have regarding pain management, feeding habits, elimination habits and mobility. We strive to make sure that you, and your companion, have the most quality-time possible together.

The doctors at Riverside Animal Hospital also know that sometimes the best gift we can give our companion is a passing free of pain and fear. When that times comes we will walk you through the process and explain every step. We also offer small animal cremation services as an option for you to consider.